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Jan 31, 2013 1:00pm PST
concerned about sending f-16s to egypt would be israel. where are the pro israel lobbies on these -- >> it's quite interesting. i've talked to a lot of the -- a lot of people think there's only one pro israel lobby. there's one dominant one but there's many others, and also members of these groups, and i guarantee if i went to any of their general membership meetings, the pro israel americans are with me on this issue. but they need to call their leadership because many of your pro israel groups are lobbying against me in washington. they're lobbying for sending weapons to a country that very well could be an enemy of egypt -- i mean an enemy of israel and has been an enemy of israel, and i think if they're membership knew these people were up here conspiring in washington to send more weapons to egypt, and then israel has to have then more weapons times two, i think most pro israel americans would be upset to offend out the lobbying groups are lobbying against israel's best interests. >> the one i'm thinking of is ai pac. they were in favor of these going to egypt? >> you better ask them
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
: all right, thank you, i think, bill. from the cold weather to the cold shoulder in israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu returned to office, but ever so barely. so a day after we inaugurate a u.s. president, with whom mr. netanyahu has had chilly relations, he survives to fight another day n. tel aviv, we have the implications of all of this. >> reporter: neil, right now, if the exit polls hold, we will see israeli prime minister netanyahu with a third term, but a very weak prime minister. it is not winner take all here. we will break down how it works here. their 120 members in the kines kines -- knesset. and they break down how many votes each party gets. mr. netanyahu got 31 seats, you need 60-plus one, meaning 61 to form a government. mr. netanyahu in his usual groups of friends got many less than they were expected to. the exit polls put them at 61 seats, which makes you a very weak prime minister. now begins the horse trading, over the next coming week, we will see mr. netanyahu make a lot of tough choices. he promised the nationalistic party he won't make a peace
FOX News
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
hear the israeli government is telling model would look like take a hike. models in israel new need to look more like this. i am kind of thinking which i prefer. should women be a fan of this ban? a therapist says absolutely. what do you think of this? >>guest: i think this is an exlength -- excellent law. young girls have body image issues and eating disorders. we do have to regulate the industry, the advertising industry. >>neil: in israel, they are taking it a step further saying you cannot show it or be in the industry with that kind of look because it is unnaturally and unhealthy. but where is the line teen not allowing it on the left and allow it on the right. five pounds? what? >>guest: what i love about this law it is only the super skinny models that are banned from advertisement with body mass index of 18.5 or lower are not allowed so if you are 5' 8" that is 120 pounds. the other thing i love, a law says they, if they photo shop, or higher a bigger model, and make her smaller they have to print that in the ad. >>neil: a lot of model i-have interviewed for researc
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Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
for israel. i want -- if they can put a monkey fif miles into space, they can get to israel. another distance. >> and someone said that the monkey parachuted safely with the last page of the rocket. but it is relevant. if you get something living in space, the atmosphere's fine, they can breathe, how long before they get a man in flight -- if that's true? >> if it's even their goal. obviously, we all believe and know why they are developing this technology, it's a warhead payload. so i don't know that their goal is a manned program. but if they can put a monkey in space, i suppose a man is just behind. >> here's a dumb question. it says if -- don't we know? don't we have -- drones and satellites and spy satellites on them? >> yeah, dwrea. we have a lot of telemetry on this, whether or not that made it to 75 miles. the only thing we have is the iranians saying this is what they did and they have a monkey. >> tell me about your technology. >> it's a new technology we have developed to consolidate the irnet. we allow to you f any portion of any web site and consolidate that onto a home page call
FOX News
Jan 24, 2013 1:00pm PST
with israel. egypt is allow thing sinai peninsula, the no man's land to be populated by al qaeda terrorists? we're selling and giving egypt military assistance, aircraft, and economic economic way stance. the same thing with regard to libya. the same protecting the people who killed our people -- >> ron paul says those it. >> i'm happy to get something for it but i don't believe in giving and it giving and giving. look at pakistan. we gave pakistan $2 billion a year and said to them, here, have this money, find bin laden. what did we do? we are getting -- they were never going to find bin laden. the minute they found him they lost the two million. so the tail shouldn't be wagging the dog when it comes to foreign assistance. >> thank you very much. after the bluster, the bs, the benghazi hearing moving into a debate over security funding. >> the funds provided by congress were enat quit. >> for the past two years ago the also meteorologist's meteorologist's for diplomatic fun has been slashed. >> congress has consistently given less. >> mullins and pickerring says that money was and is in th
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 1:00pm PST
sanctions, his views toward israel, hamas and hezbollah, and that there is wide and deep concern about his policies. >> reporter: now, one of his more infamous remarks is a snide reference to what he called the jewish lobby so chuck snuimer of new york after hagel apologized for previous statements and positions. senator schumer agreed to support him as did barbara boxer. but many analysts don't like the pre-hearing conversion. >> all of a sudden the candidate for high office in any administration has a sudden transformation and repudiates everything he has in his life and anything he ever said. >> reporter: almost lance armstrong like. but now the white house is gearing up support and supporters in advance of tomorrow's confirmation hearing. >> eric: thank you, jim. >> the president is puck for fashion action on immigration reform but critics insisting we have to secure the border first. my next guest is one of them. he is representing a group of immigration agents suing the president over policy changes they say prevent them from doing their jobs. with us now, more chris crane. thanks fo
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)